February 19, 2020

The Markets – February 19, 2020

Many stock markets around the world moved higher last week. Investors’ optimism in the face of economic headwinds has confounded some in the financial services industry. […]
February 17, 2020

Rejuvenate Your Retirement® – An Educational Course for Active Retirees (SUNY Orange Newburgh Campus)

Rejuvenate Your Retirement® – An Educational Course for Active Retirees Course Instructor: Daniel J. Murphy, CFP® Now being conducted at SUNY Orange Newburgh Campus Locations: SUNY […]
February 11, 2020

The Markets – February 11, 2020

Last week, major U.S. indices posted strong gains. That’s welcome news, but the drivers behind share price appreciation appear to have little to do with company […]
February 7, 2020

The Markets – February 5, 2020

Prepare yourself. There is a good chance markets will be volatile in the coming weeks. Precautions designed to slow the spread of the coronavirus may also […]
January 31, 2020

Eight Mistakes That Can Upend Your Retirement

Eight Mistakes That Can Upend Your Retirement   Pursuing your retirement dreams is challenging enough without making some common, and very avoidable, mistakes. Here are eight […]
January 28, 2020

The Markets – January 28, 2020

Markets hunkered down last week. News of the coronavirus outbreak in Wuhan, China unsettled investors around the world. The respiratory infection is related to severe acute […]
January 22, 2020

The Markets – January 22, 2020

The new trade deals are here! The United States and China signed a preliminary trade deal last week. The next day, the United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement was […]
January 14, 2020

The Markets – January 14, 2020

It was a nerve-wracking week. Iran fired 22 ballistic missiles at the Ain Al Asad air base near western Iraq and a second base in northern […]
January 8, 2020

The Markets – January 7, 2020

About face! 2019 was a remarkable year for investors with many asset classes delivering positive performance. Both the Standard & Poor’s 500 Index, a gauge of […]