For over thirty years we have developed an organized process that provides clients with a thorough understanding of what Murphy Wealth can deliver for them. Our process outlines exactly what to expect before setting up a meeting with our firm.

Part of having a good process is letting people know about the many ways to initially communicate with our firm. We love meeting face-to-face (we’re old-fashioned like that) because we believe there are great advantages to being able to sit down in person. But we also understand that not all people can meet this way. Our second most popular way of meeting is through video conferencing. We use several platforms that are more sophisticated than Skype or Facetime but just as easy to use. Not only can we see each other on camera, but we can share documents as if we were sitting across the table. We can also provide a similar document-sharing experience on your computer in the comfort of your home.

While video conferencing may be the only way for some of our out-of-state clients to meet, many local clients prefer this method because their lives don’t allow for a face-to-face meeting. Maybe they have a sick family member or work demands are too great. The bottom line is that we have many ways to accommodate you and establish a connection.

If all else fails, we can speak over the phone. We always like to have a brief conversation with a new potential client to get a clear understanding of what they’re looking for and to make sure we’re a good fit. That usually involves a five-minute conversation that will allow us to prepare for a productive first meeting. We won’t be sharing any personal information during this call.

Once we understand your needs, we send out a packet about our firm and provide a checklist of things that are important to bring to our first meeting. Some people send this information to us prior to our meeting, and others wait to share that information in person. Our goal is simple: we want to provide you with the best possible experience and to ensure that our meeting is well worth your time.