In 2016, Murphy Wealth Management Group became a Registered Investment Advisor with the Securities Exchange Commission as a fiduciary firm. In its simplest form, a fiduciary is someone who puts others’ needs ahead of their own. While that should be how everyone operates in life every day, unfortunately that’s not always the case. What it means for all our clients at Murphy Wealth is that there are no commissions—our compensation is generated by performance.

We feel that clients are best served working with a fiduciary, and this is what sets us apart from most other firms. Our goals are aligned with your goals. The more you make, the more we make. And if you don’t do well, neither do we. You can feel confident that when we suggest changes to your portfolio, we do so without consideration for commission or other types of unnecessary investment fees or compensation.

If you decide to leave Murphy Wealth, there are never any exit fees, unlike firms that make you feel like you’re wearing financial handcuffs. We never want our clients to feel like they need to stay to avoid a penalty for leaving. We want clients to stay with our firm because we are doing a good job for them and our goals are aligned. We find it gratifying to be able to explain to a client that they are free to leave whenever they want.



Daniel J. Murphy, CFP®

Murphy Wealth Management Group
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