Relationships with Clients

Our relationship with you is at the heart of everything we do. For over three decades we have worked with hundreds of clients and developed deep, ongoing relationships.

We invest a great deal of time getting to know our clients on a meaningful level. We listen carefully and ask the right questions. We learn about all aspects of their lives—family, personal goals, retirement objectives, legacy needs, and tolerance for risk. Only then can we explore different ways to help our clients pursue their hopes and dreams for retirement.

Most clients enjoy having us act as the quarterback of their financial lives. We understand all aspects of your family—children, spouses of children, health issues, and other dynamics. I have had clients refer to me as a psychologist after their annual review meetings—and sometimes some psychology is needed to understand and advise you properly. We really get to know you so we can make sound and informed decisions on your behalf.

Some clients continue to add more services as time goes by, taking advantage of the opportunity to work with the other trusted professionals on our team, whether in tax preparation, estate planning, or long-term health insurance. All of these are important components of your wealth plan. We are also happy to work hand in hand with any existing advisors and professionals you have a relationship with.

We are proud that our firm has one of the lowest client attrition rates in the industry. Over the past three decades, our attrition rate remains spectacular at less than 2 percent, significantly below the national average. As a result, the average tenure of our clients is over 15 years, and many have been with us since the 1980’s.

We also experience an extremely low turnover rate with our staff. Clients are comfortable working with our staff because of the rapport they build over the years. It is also comforting to our clients to know that our staff has over forty years of experience.

We could not have existed for over three decades without making sure all our clients experience the best service they could possibly expect from a financial services firm. We are confident you will feel that way too.