The Making of a
Financial Planner – My Story

Daniel Murphy describes how his life experiences have shaped him and made him into the type of financial planner he is today. Dan came from a background where there wasn’t a lot of financial literacy, which made it difficult for his parents to properly plan for retirement. As a result, he is committed to helping to educate people so they can make sound decisions and prosper in their retirement. This is Dan’s story.

Four Reasons Why Managing Your Own Wealth May Be a Mistake

Learn the four reasons why managing your own wealth could be a mistake, including missed opportunities, investment options without commissions, the importance of relationships, and the benefits of having a chief financial officer.

Investment Options – No Commissions

Learn how Murphy Wealth is able to purchase thousands of investments with no commissions, opening you up to a whole new world of investment possibilities.

One-Stop Shopping – Personal CFO

Learn how our approach provides you with access to the professionals who can help you manage your tax and estate planning issues right here with local professionals.

A Relationship that Offers Confidence

Learn why having a relationship with Murphy Wealth can help keep investments on track in the event the primary financial decision maker passes away or is incapacitated.

30 Years

Dan Murphy at Murphy Wealth discusses his company philosophy of more than three decades—it’s not important what you make . . . it’s what you keep.

Life in a Box

Murphy Wealth clients have access to a private and secure website where all their data is consolidated in one place and can be accessed anywhere, anytime. This personal website makes it easy to connect to all your financial accounts and allows you to see everything you own—all in one place. Learn how this digital vault can work for you.

The Ultimate Dress Rehearsal

See how Murphy Wealth can bring your financial team together at one time to create an action plan for what needs to happen to provide for your family when you or your spouse is no longer around.


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